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Traveling by Air

Welcome to Afstar Travels Inc.

Discover the world with ease and elegance. At Afstar Travels Inc., your journey begins with a dream and ends with unforgettable memories. Serving as your gateway to the world, we offer a comprehensive suite of travel services, from breathtaking safaris and luxury cruises to personalized tourism packages and seamless MICE events. Based in Canada and Nigeria, we're here to make air travel more affordable and accessible, transforming how you experience the globe. Join us, and love where you're going.


Flights to Accra

Flights to Cape Town

Flights to Johannesburg

Flights to Nairobi


Flights to London

Flights to Istanbul

Flights to Manchester

Flights to Paris


Flights to Abu Dhabi

Flights to Dubai

Flights to Guangzhou

Flights to New Delhi

North American Flights

Flights to Atlanta

Flights to Maryland

Flights to Houston

Flights to New York

Alexa Young

If you're looking for an adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Afstar Travels. Our worldwide travel agency has helped our customers explore some of the most exotic destinations around the world.

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